Hillary’s Femininity – A plus or a minus for the next election?

OK, People!

I’m not one to watch the TV show, “The View”, that often, but yesterday while I was waiting for my nasty oatmeal to become the texture of a more palatable, wall-paper paste, I turned on the tele to see what the girls on “The View” were up to since Barbara Wawa departed.

As I’m stirring my congealed oats (that have now become an appealing texture of sidewalk concrete), and  adding some apple sauce to it, so my Buddha belly can actually stomach the pig slop of healthy oats and flax seed that my Doctor considers a healthier alternative to my personal choice (and all time favorite!) of New York bagels, scrambled eggs and bacon; I  hear the discussion turn to Hillary Clinton’s announcement (surprise! surprise!) that she’s running for president in 2016.

The comments were rather mundane and innocuous and everyone was being relatively non-committal, considering each of the co-hosts are staunch defenders of their individual political parties.

I then hear little Candace Cameron-Bure (of D.J. Tanner’s, “Full House” fame) make some kind of comment about how she hopes Hillary doesn’t hide her femininity during this presidential run, as opposed to the last time she ran, and I start choking on my oatmeal!!!!


Did sweet, innocent D.J. Tanner just say something so totally sexist and stupid that I just choked on my oats, or is my “bad ear” not correctly hearing things?


My bad ear heard just fine!


So, am I to assume Ms. Cameron-Brue is concerned with Hillary’s ability to state her political agenda on the economy, world affairs, environmental issues, etc. with her legs closed while seated and her hands in her lap with her legs crossed at her ankles?

Or does she want to make sure that Hillary knows how to correctly use her “pinky finger,” whilst holding a cup of tea and answering questions related to the current ISIS crisis?

Please D.J., clarify yourself!

It’s important for me to know this when I go to vote for my next president.

The last election had me (and a number of my friends and relatives) very concerned with how the candidates “opened doors” for their female relatives and constituents.

And I don’t know about you all, but I certainly don’t want a female president leading this country unless she’s comfortable “being a female” and knows “her place/role” in society.

Who cares what this woman thinks about education, the economy, immigration, energy, the environment, equality, world affairs, etc.?!

It’s decidedly important that when she’s answering questions dealing with these topics that she looks sweet and nurturing and damn well doesn’t chew with her mouth open!


Is that what educated, enlightened individuals are looking for in their next president?!

Take me, Sweet Jesus, to those pearly gates in the heavens, ‘cuz if that’s what mainstream society is looking for in a president for next election, then my sorry ass is in MAJOR trouble!

Go out and have a good one today, People!

And vote for whom you wanna vote for come election time in your city, state, or country.

I don’t care.

I just sure as hell hope, when you vote, you don’t judge someone by how they “sit in their saddle” and “drink their cup of tea”.

But what do I know?

I’m a fat, old, gay woman with a Buddha belly who hasn’t ridden “side saddle” in as many years as I am old!

Catch ya next week, looking at life from my shoes!