California’s Delicious, New (Recycled) Drinking Water!

Ok, so living in CA has it’s perks and drawbacks.

The fact that I have access to the ocean 20 minutes away, great restaurants, nearby shopping and opportunities for a variety of educational and entertaining experiences, along with lovely weather (more often than not), are all solid reasons for me living (and staying) in the land of fruit cakes, wackos and beach bums.

(Especially in light of the fact that I’m considered one of those “wackos” and some of my best friends are “fruit cakes” and “beach bums”.)

But conscientiously collecting shower water every day in a large, back-breaking, orange Home Depot bucket, to use for flushing my toilet, is getting old – getting VERY old.

So, I’m perusing the local newspaper headlines, recently, and I see an article on our local Mayors “guzzling reclaimed sewage water” and I think, “OK, you’ve got my interest.  What other hair-brain ideas are our elected officials trying to promote to get us to curb this draught?”


” I’m an educated, open-minded individual. Let’s see if this article can convince me to start drinking “wastewater” to help out in this dire predicament. I’m game.”


No, I don’t think so.

We’ve been using this “toilet to tap” recycled water now since 1997, but only for irrigation purposes.

I’m a pretty “open individual”, don’t ‘cha know, but I’m drawing the line at drinking pee water. (RECYCLED or not!)

Let our elected officials drink it.

They thought it was “delicious” and “good stuff”.

Che schifo!

Is it a wonder why our state’s education and economy are in the toilet?!

I mean, seriously!

On Friday, I read where the company that’s demolishing our iconic Candlestick Park is using THOUSANDS of gallons an hour of fresh drinking water directly from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir to dump on the rubble to keep the dust under control.


I’m supposed to consider drinking “reclaimed sewage water,” while they waste delicious, crystal clear, drinking water on keeping the “dust under control” at Candlestick Park?


Che Cazzo!

Is it a wonder why people think it’s “wacked” out here?

Have a good week, People! And remember: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. (Especially if that water’s disinfected sewage!)

Catch ya next time, looking at life from my shoes!