People Need Community

I never quite understood, until recently, what many of our friends and family members meant when they told us, “We may not have seen you a lot, but we always knew you were there.”


Over the years, the Princess and I developed a loving group of dedicated friends who shared many an adventure with us. We played bocce ball, held Christmas parties, played board games together, organized camping and hiking expeditions, took long beach walks and went on many a snow shoeing outing over the winters.


And in between time, we became family to a number of individuals and created quite a few traditions that people came to look forward to and are currently missing.


We, too, are missing those special connections and traditions from of our past. Some of our CA friends have told me that they are cruising by our former home and reminiscing of times gone by, and it saddens me to know that somehow our moving has left a hole in their heart; and that somehow they’re feeling less connected and less whole.


The fast pace of an ever growing Silicon Valley and the affluence and entitlement that was coming with it forced us to look at our life in what we once thought was Paradise and head out to new digs and fresh adventures and start some alternative traditions with a different group of people.


We have a special bond with our CA friends that was nourished with shared lasagna, garlic bread, numerous glasses of wine and a lot of laughter over the years.


People need community and a sense of belonging.


And eating good food and drinking fine wine while you’re doing this, was a definite bonus.

I get that.


In light of all the heartache going on in the world today, I think we need it now more than ever before.


In our own silly, innocent way, every time the Princess and I got people together, we were letting these individuals know that they were important. They mattered. We loved them and we cared.


So, let me state this very clearly: “ Relationships (both near and far, new and old) are damn important to the Princess and me. We value the laughter, the love and the steadfast support as we go forward in this new chapter of our life. And encourage each of you to write, call, and make plans to visit us and share in some lasagna, French bread and fine wine.”


And being the “Queen of Pot Lucks” and skinflint that I am, you’d best be bringing your own wine and bread. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be making the lasagna!


In the meantime, enjoy the remaining days of summer and I’ll catch ya the next time, looking at life from my shoes.




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I'm a retired special ed teacher, born in upstate NY, who spent most of my adult life in the SF/Bay Area and moved to the Olympic Peninsula of WA in June of 2017. At the encouragement of family and friends, who followed my silliness on my FB page, I started this blog a few years ago. I try to keep my topics as humorous as possible (because I believe "LIFE" is pretty serious these days), but will, on occasion write about more solemn subjects. I sincerely appreciate all who take the time and effort to read and make comments and am truly humbled when people actually "like" what I write. I do not participate in the "Wordpress awards" because I feel "awarded" when individuals actually read me and comment, but sincerely appreciate all of you who have considered me "award worthy" and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs, Lucie

8 thoughts on “People Need Community”

  1. Hey I ❤ Lucie to bits
    You and The Princess are true blue mate ( which in Aussie means, the best mate, legends, fair dinkum good hearted budiful people ), True Blue!!!!
    Your friends back in CA would be missin’ you both like Heck..
    All those happy and amazing times you spent, eating lasagna, garlic bread, washin’ it down with wine and sittin’round The Table of Knowledge, sortin’ out all the worlds problems..tellin’ stories till sun up….

    Your new home will soon be buzzing Lucie, new friendships will form and you’ll definitely have that lasagna dish out again, you are a legend mate and people see your smile from a block away…I live across the other side of the world and love you to bits..if I could jump in/on a sardine can ( Aunt Beulah renamed a plane for me ) tomorrow, and get myself to the USA, by Crikey!
    It would be a dream come true…
    There would be a lot of hugging straight up, and then our jaws would ache for days, I’d make the garlic bread and fetch the plonk (wine that is), you could keep the lasagna comin’ ,
    Crikey mate, Aunt Beulah might hop in/on a sardine can and join us ❤❤❤

    People need people like you and The Princess in their community Lucie.
    You are budiful and you make people happy, you make their day even if it is just your smile…
    Love you and so very happy you came into my world
    Hugs, warm muffins, and a cuppa, I wish I could share them with you some day Lucie..
    Love from across the miles
    Annie in Australia 🌴🌞🌊❤❤❤💋💋💋

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    1. Hi Luv,
      You’re such a sweetheart! I dropped you an email this morning. Thanks for reading my post, Anne Girl, and taking the time to comment! Hope you’re taking care of yourself, Woman!!! (((Hugs)))! Lucie ❤


  2. Thanks, J, for your supportive statements and continual support. I thought you’d be able to “relate”….I, too, believe that we will weather this transition with our loving friendships still intact. It’s just the “icky stage” right now that we’re all going through….hopefully, time and some new adventures will help us all…. (((Hugs))) Lucie ;>)

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  3. Your beautiful, loving, concerned heart is on display in this piece, Lucie. I liked it so much. It made me think of my transition when I left friends I’d had for 25 years in Carson City and moved to Craig. Though I wasn’t certain of the outcome at the time, we all weathered the change well and all the important friendships endured.

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