Dream On

As someone who definitely knows my way around gabbing with people, individuals are often pleasantly surprised to discover the quiet side to my gregarious self. So, my recent silence (both in writing and in speech) has been disconcerting to some folks.

Or so I’ve been told.

Recently, I have been faced with a plethora of life challenges and my body simply stopped working the way I wanted it to work, and I ended up with pneumonia.

The sad thing for me, though, is that my connection with God and my spiritual side has been as stuffy and muddled as my nose and lungs have gotten.

My heart is heavy with indecisions and confusion, and I’m having a hard time feeling hopeful these days. I feel anxious and stressed and often times scared, and I’m thinking that maybe now isn’t the time to be silent.

I am a gay, American woman of immigrant peoples and have serious concerns that my country is on a path of destruction and discrimination. I have significant worries that this administration’s policies are not policies that will “make us great’, but in fact, do quite the opposite.

On the morning of the “Woman’s March” that was held in Washington and nationwide, the Princess and I went to see the motion picture, “Hidden Figures”. The movie is based on the brilliant, black NASA physicist and mathematician, named Katherine Jackson, who was instrumental in the early years of the US space program. We both wanted to participate in our loc0al march, but prudently decided that my claustrophobic issues and our rainy weather would be reason enough to stay away. So, instead we went to an early showing of this film and were pleasantly treated to a quality story and an excellent reminder of past times.

As I sat in the theater, immobile with emotion, I couldn’t help but see the juxtaposition of the day. We were watching first-hand the outward discrimination of Ms. Jackson and her co-workers as they heroically pushed on, day after day, insult after injury. At one point in the movie, Ms. Jackson’s boss questions why she’s taking such “long breaks” during the day. He discovers, to his great embarrassment, that it was because there were no “colored restrooms” nearby. NASA’s only bathroom “of color” was over a half a mile on the other side of their campus, so she had to run back and forth every day; rain or shine.

It’s when her boss, played by Kevin Costner, takes mallet in hand and smashes the sign hanging over the woman’s restroom that says, “For Coloreds Only”, and declares to his employees, “As long as we pee all the same color at NASA, we all use the same bathrooms,” that the tears started to uncontrollably roll down my cheeks and my body felt sick with shame.

There I sat in a luxurious, remote-controlled, padded lounge chair – the epitome of American ingenuity and affluence, watching a movie depicting discrimination of a minority from the 1960’s; acutely aware of the various marches taking place outside of our local theater, and it sadly dawned on me, “Are we repeating history once again? Has America elected a man so intent on 0making this country “great” that he’s going to do it at the cost of those that actually DID make it great?”

We’re a country based on differences; a country based on acceptance. We’re all human and all valuable and all “pee the same color”. So, let’s not take that for granted, and let’s remember who we are – a country of dreamers and inventors and a country of freedoms and of hopes.

I care not that you voted for “him” or voted for “her”. I care that you stand up for what is right and what is wrong. It is important that we go forward, with the understanding that no man is better than the other; and no woman less than, either.

We must not go back to a time when “colored bathrooms” is a concept we agree to – whether in practice or in silence.

We’re all human and all valuable.

And all “pee the same color.”

I pray we all remember that and pray we all dream on.

Until the next time, be kind to each other, and I’ll catch you the next time, looking at life from my shoes.


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I'm a retired special ed teacher, born in upstate NY, who spent most of my adult life in the SF/Bay Area and moved to the Olympic Peninsula of WA in June of 2017. At the encouragement of family and friends, who followed my silliness on my FB page, I started this blog a few years ago. I try to keep my topics as humorous as possible (because I believe "LIFE" is pretty serious these days), but will, on occasion write about more solemn subjects. I sincerely appreciate all who take the time and effort to read and make comments and am truly humbled when people actually "like" what I write. I do not participate in the "Wordpress awards" because I feel "awarded" when individuals actually read me and comment, but sincerely appreciate all of you who have considered me "award worthy" and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs, Lucie

29 thoughts on “Dream On”

  1. Hi Lucie
    I can barely find words to write here mate, I am all choked up and ya makin’ me cry for bloomin’ sakes. Wow!! that was some powerful words there dear friend, I want ya to know Lucie that even though we are across the other side of the world from USA, in Australia. We have been watching the Trump Train Wreck, crashing down around us, his values should not hold up in this day and age. You are so right Lucie, this has been a confusing event that a man like DJ Trump could ever be known as Mr Pesident what was America thinking??? I have said to you before ol’ mate that he will fall on his own sword, before this year is out, he’ll be scadaddling back to his Tower lickin’ his wounds. Ya see The Whole World thinks he’s a flippin’ lunatic!!!! Someone will upset him in the end and he’ll throw his toys out of the cot and that will be all she wrote!!

    Now you have to take care of you mate, my tears are because you have been so distracted with personal, political events and to the point you haven’t visited your warm fuzzy place. You know’ where you have a heart to heart with the big fella up there. Where he sorts all your worries mate and soothes your soul, clears them yucky ol’ cobwebs out of that budiful brain of yours and sends you on your way with clarity and peace of mind, and as you walk off he reminds you!!!!!! ‘ Lucie you are a beautiful person, take good care of yourself little buddy, just like ya tell others to do’

    The world is with ya Lucie, Ms Jackson and her co-workers will continue to break down barriers of color and race. Hidden Figures is a champion movie reminding all of us that we are Human Beings, and all in our own right we are entitled to live on this wonderful planet Earth, at peace and in harmony with each other. Ms Jackson was one heck of a clever lady, and beautiful, resilient, very valuable to the cause of NASA, awesome woman, I just fell in love with her and wanted to give her a big ol’ hug and tell her all that.
    Just like I’m telling you my budiful Lucie….
    So happy you got back to the keyboard and shared this story with us mate
    I was havin’ withdrawal symptoms and missing ‘ Life in Lucies Shoes ‘
    Whether you make me laugh or make me bloomin’ cry
    I luvs ya to the moon and back
    Them big ol’ hugs headed your way along with a whole lotta love!!
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

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    1. Oh gee, Anne Girl, I’m sorry that I made you cry….I didn’t mean to. Just wrote what I was feeling in my heart….Any way, I wrote you an email. Catch ya later, Mate! Luv You! Lucie


    2. Wow Annie from down under, you said to all thanks for your
      Huge support of our “Lucy” and acknowledging TWT
      (Train Wreck) in that most of us can not believe this has actually
      Happened to our country..

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      1. Hello Shawn
        I am a huge fan of Life in Lucies Shoes, her stories are real and always from the heart, Lucie is an awesome person. I wish I didn’t live across the other side of the world, I would give anything to meet Lucie in person and by Crikey I reckon we could talk under water the pair of us..she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she takes me on one heck of a ride with all her stories and I’ve got her back always.
        Hugs to you Shawn
        Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊


  2. This is powerful, passionate, strong, compassionate writing Lucie. And, of course, I agree with every word and emotion you described, and I like the way you ended the post by recommending a positive course of action for all of us. I’m sorry that you are physically sick and heartsick as well. I’m thinking about you. I miss you. We travel again all next week, and the first thing I’ll do when I get home is to get in touch with you about when we can resume our conversations.

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  3. I have been disappointed in previous elections, but I have never before been frightened.
    Mr. T may know how to run a business, but not a country. You can’t fire people who disagree with you, or just shut down and file for bankruptcy when you are president. And the people we have in Congress are not much better! One man says the poor could afford health insurance if they didn’t buy iPhones, and another claims the poor don’t really *want* to take care of themselves! Good Lord, deliver us!

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    1. I totally hear you…i think tha’s one of the things that’s bothering me with his supporters…they really don’t see how this administration is scary….it’s sad, very sad…😔


  4. Your thoughts are not only beautiful, but also truthful!POTUS needs help and for all of us, I hope he receives it. Take care of yourself because your health has to be number ONE! Carolyn

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  5. i understand your concerns and i have so many each and every day about the leader of our country and his followers. every morning i wake up afraid of what they’ve done while i was sleeping. i keep fighting every day for what is right

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    1. Good for you, Beth! I say, “Let’s kill um with kindness!” and letting people know that discrimination against ONE OF US, is DISCRIMINATION against ALL of us (And it’s NOT ok!!! No matter how it’s disguised.) ❤

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  6. Another beautiful piece ❤ And coincidentally, I saw "Hidden Figures" last Thursday and thought it was poignant and beautiful. As for Mr T, I can't think of him and keep a straight face, but of course nothing about him and his views is funny. The situation isn't much better on the other side of the pond. We need to chin up, stay brave and positive.

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    1. Thank you. Wish I could “laugh” at this man … maybe some day. Right now, he and his fellow trolls, are scaring the hell outta me. This is truly a time where “ignorance IS NOT blissful”. I do agree with you that we’ve gotta “chin up and stay brave”…it’s about all we can do (That and confront acts of unkindness and discrimination when we see it…)


    1. Thanks, Neil….The man is definitely a piece of work. (And believe me, I’ve disagreed with a number of our previous elected representatives…this man is something scary to me…something very, very scary…) 😦


  7. The important thing to remember is that we remain who we are no matter who our president is. We can’t run our country or make major changes to it, but we can still do our best to positively influence our area of reach: your church, neighborhood, blog community. Keep the faith! And seek God in everything. 🙂

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