Lucie Gets Some Toilet Therapy

Was in a funky mood this morning.

Didn’t want to walk.

Didn’t want to write.

Didn’t want to read.


I didn’t even want to watch Charlie Rose.

Decided that my bathroom needed a “good cleaning”.

Couldn’t do it BEFORE showering, though.

God forbid, I should clean my bathroom before cleaning MYSELF!


I’m clean.

The shower’s clean.

And I can see my reflection on the inside and outside porcelain of my toilet bowl.

I’ve got a new lease on life and I’m “good to go”!

Nothing like a little “toilet therapy”, for flushing away your sorrows; when you’re stuck on your personal pity pot, eh?

Have a great day, People!

I know I will.

And don’t be putting too much gravy on your bread dressing, Turkeys!

Be safe and take some time to breathe between eating and shopping.

Catch ya next adventure, looking at life from my shoes.



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After much encouragement and prodding by family, friends and professionals, I (a former Special ed. teacher and consultant from Northern Ca., who recently moved to the Olympic Peninsula of WA.) decided to take my FACEBOOK postings on my silly life with my life partner and 2 wacky cats and share them with a broader audience. I sincerley hope that I can bring a chuckle or two to all who enter my world when you read my blog. (Now let's hope that I can muster enough competence to figure out how to use this site in a reasonably competent fashion, so that I still have fun writing and others can actually "find me"!!!!) I wish all who enter "Lucie's World" much joy and laughter and ask that if I've touch your life in any way and made you giggle or smile, that you "pay it forward" for the week and share a moment or two of laughter with someone that you care about....

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